Weekly Music

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Xandria- Sisters of the Night

Rating: 8/10
We're the stormy air/ We are we
This song starts out vaguely tribal-esque, but then turns into... symphonic metal, I suppose. It's what Xandria does, and it sounds like they're quite good at it, too. Pun intended.

This is track 10 in their 4th album (Salomé – The Seventh Veil). Here's the iTunes link. Image is from Fate/stay.

On another note, I'm still waiting for someone other than ArchonofFail or me to post to resume posting Vocaloid. There's an introduction to a subgenre and a megapost waiting to be published.

Mom's All Star Spaghetti (Smash Mouth x Eminem)

Rating: 8/10
This mashup is one of the strangest things I have ever, but I love it! Eminem with the beat of All Star by Smash Mouth with spaghetti thrown in very cleverly to completely change the meaning of the original song. A really hilarious concept executed excellently, probably my favorite mashup. Anyways, after today, back to normal songs, which probably means more drop the vocaloid unless anyone else decides to post since that is what I've been listing to recently.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Slamifinal Episode (Quad City DJs x Pokemon Colosseum x Snoop Dogg)

Rating: 8/10
I did a post on the original song from Pokemon colosseum and it just so happens we have it here again in my favorite space jam remix! Not only does this mashup manage to mash up three very different songs, it does so extremely well and seamlessly. Quite excellent. Makes sure to come back tomorrow for the finale of my week of mashups!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weed Circulation (Monogatari Series x Snoop Dogg)

Rating: 8/10
Whoops, I appear to have been caught up in a temporal paradox, and missed posting for a week, well mashup week resumes now. This song is what when you take one of the best anime OPs of all time and add Snoop Dogg. It's surprisingly good and the surprisingly high quality video really makes this mashup come together for me. I was originally going to save this mashup for April 20th, but since I'm doing a week of mashups, here it is now. Also before I go, have a bonus Renai Circulation mashup that I'm also quite fond of.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Britt Nicole- Headphones

Rating: 6/10
Love, love's coming through your headphones
Before you click the embedded YouTube video to the left, you really should put on some headphones, if you have any around. Or earphones, at least.

Happy sunshine rainbows. It's magical, it is.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Kagamine Rin- Fear Garden

Rating: 1/10
Hands with five fingers are the best
***Viewer discretion requested***

I don't recommend you listen to this. Really. That one you see up there... Yeah.
I happened to stumble upon a "What Vocaloid song are you?" quiz. When I took it, I got this. Listened to it, cause I haven't before and it might be good.
I know that I'm posting actual Vocaloid before 2 other people post. If you think too many 'bad' thoughts about me, add me to your very own little Garden of Fear.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Slam of the North Star (Fist of the North Star x Quad City DJs)

Rating: 8/10
As I said yesterday, I've been to a lot of interesting parts of the internet, another one of my favorites is dedicated to mashing up various songs with quite possibly the dumbest song I have ever listened to. The theme song for 1996 movie Space Jam. This song has become somewhat of a meme inspiring many mashups and the indie RPG Barkley, Shut Up & Jam: Gaiden. This particular mashup is one of my personal favorites mashing up the Space Jam with the OP for the anime Fist of the North Star. If you look around, you can probably find this song mashed up with just about anything. If you thought this was weird, the next three days will be my top 3 weirdest mashups that are actually good, look forward to it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Not a Train (Eminem x Thomas the Tank Engine)

Rating: 6/10
I've been to a lot of interested parts of the internet, but quite possibly the weirdest one I have run into is a community dedicated to mashing up rap songs with the Thomas the Tank engine theme, and surprisingly it actually works really well. Not much else to say, just this is a thing that exists, and there is plenty more if you look around.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thunder Busters (AC/DC x Ghostbusters)

Rating: 7/10
Waxaudio is one of biggest rock/metal mashup artist that I know of, some of his stuff is really interesting and this is definitely one of those. It works surprisingly well and if you like this I would highly recommend checking out some of his other stuff on his youtube channel, soundcloud stream, and his website.

Stian K. - Be Alive

Rating: 7/10
Be Alive
This song does pleasant things to my head. Try getting into a ... trance trance and playing Bejeweled or something. I find it helps.

Uploaded to YouTube by Maikel6311, someone who accepts nightcore and trance from small artists and posts them on his/her channel for publicity.

Image is Cirno, from the Touhou Project.

Kelly Clarkson- Breakaway

Rating 5/10
Out of the darkness and into the sun/ But I won't forget all the ones that I love
Kelly Clarkson tends to sing inspirational-type songs. It's a nice change. Or perhaps I'm just too narrow with my music.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Approaching Nirvana- Death of a King

Rating: 9/10
It's high time I returned to my roots. Or- "But I won't forget the place I come from" ... Can you guess what I'm posting next time?

A->N formed in 2009, and has had works played on multiple telly stations, been the YouTube music of choice for gaming videos (I still remember the moment when I was watching a FyreUK timelapse and thought 'Wait. is that Death of a King?'), and hit #4 on iTunes, electronic genre. "Death of a King" is track 9 in their 4th album, Evolve. Link to website.

Asja Kadric- Fear Not This Night

Rating 8/10
Fear not this night/ You will not go astray
Another of my Nightcore providers got suspended from YouTube. And another is flagged. v.v Here's a similar version, but it's not quite right.

This song was written by Jeremy Soule for Guild Wars 2. Here's a link to a forum post describing where you can hear it in-game. I've never played it; it's not a f2p game, but here's a buy link, if you want to.

In the Darkness (Fall Out Boy x Imagine Dragons)

Rating: 8/10
Starting of my week of mashups, probably my favorite mashup of normal music, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark by Fall Out Boy mashed up with Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. It probably helps that I already love both of these songs, but they fit excellently and the mashup artist did a great job putting this together. Just a fair warning, this is as normal as it's going to get, each song this week will be weirder and weirder until we get to some, admittedly hilarious, but weird stuff.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

GUMI - "The Trooper" (Iron Maider cover)

Rating: 8/10
We hurdle bodies that lay on the ground, and the Russians fire another round, we get so near yet so far away, we won't live to fight another day.
From that song yesterday I ended up finding more Vocaloid covers of other genres and this one it great. It's so silly hearing Vocaloids singing metal about battle and war, but it works surprisingly well. I would totally recommend checking out the other covers by these guys too, they are also excellent. Anyways, after this I'll leave off the Vocaloid stuff for a bit and leave it to gwr. Next week I'm going to be doing a series of mashups, one for each day next week, varying from serious awesome mashups to silly, really dumb ones. Look forward to it!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Megurine Luka - "Boyz n the Hood" (Eazy-E cover)

Rating: 6/10
Knowin' Nutin In Life But To Be Legit', Dont Quote Me Boy Coz I Aint Said Shit
Vocaloid raps are not particularly common, let alone Vocaloid covers of gangsta raps. This is one of the songs for the WTF did I just listen to list, however it is extremely hilarious. One of my friends shared this with me and I just had to pass it on. Seriously, who thinks, you know I need to hear my Vocaloids sing? Gangsta rap. Well, someone did it and this is the result, honestly it's not bad, but really weird and funny.

The Birthday Massacre- Midnight

Rating: 7/10
The only thing I need is time/ to change your mind
My 2nd favorite song from this group. I don't know what genre this falls under, so I'm just going to label it as everything the album is labeled.

If you're going to accuse me of breaking my word (Not going to post more Vocaloid until 2 other people post), don't. This isn't Vocaloid! Even though the video shows them! The sound is from The Birthday Massacre, put into a visual display made in Project DIVA F!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nomico/ Rockleetist + Ashe- Bad Apple

Rating: 8/10
So I'm tired of all the pain, of the misery inside/ And I wish that I could live feeling nothing but the night
I love the 2D-ness of the silhouette animation; as you can see in the video, amazing transformations can be accomplished.

I've just caused myself considerable distress. I always thought Bad Apple was a Vocaloid song; indeed, I've considered it the song that made me into a Vocaloid fan. But when I was doing my research for this post, I stumbled on the truth... it's not Vocaloid. It's from the Touhou Project. Which isn't bad, but it's just... not Vocaloid ...

I've included a cover, done by Rockleetist and ashestoashesjc. In my humble opinion, best cover of Bad Apple on YouTube.

Also, thanks to ArchonofFail for posting a video on my post list. I listen to a remix; you can find it here.

Kagamine Rin & Len - "Remote Control"

Rating: 8/10
L R L R STOP & Dash & UP & TALK B B A B S(tart)
This is one of my favorite vocaloid songs, it's a bit of an interesting song, but it works. Honestly I don't find the lyrics that interesting, but that's ok because they are in Japanese and I love the instrumentation, rhythm, and use of the duet vocals and this is a song that really makes me want to jump up and dance. It's a bit hard to define a genre for this song, it's got elements of electronic and pop among other things. I don't really have a lot to say about it, but I really like this song. Finally, have a bonus hilarious and awesome project Diva music video.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hatsune Miku + Megurine Luka- アカツキアライヴァル (Dawn of a Rival)

Rating: 8/10
We wanted to stay together/ We wanted to be together forever
This one is a duet featuring Luka and Miku! Separately, their voices are beautiful; put them together well and you've got ♥♥♥. This song has a fast-paced chorus compared to the verses.
If you can't tell who is singing, get your eyes checked, fullscreen the video, and watch the pretty color-coded text go by. The animating was done by Project DIVA F 2nd. The song tells the story of a pair of rivals who become friends. Something happens to one of them, and the other promises to go on.
Written by Last Note. and uploaded to niconico on 24 Feb 2012. This song has entered the Hall of Fame.
On another note, I'll refrain from posting more Vocaloid until 2 other fellow bloggers post something, to keep the blog from turning into a completely Vocaloid blog. If there are any followers out there, I'm sorry! T-T Expect an explosion of Vocaloid corresponding to the amount of time it takes!

Friday, September 5, 2014

IA + Hatsune Miku- iNSaNiTY

Rating: 6/10
"sAnIty"/... what is that?
Nightcore'd Vocaloid! If I may quote CircusP, "A little bit of iNSaNiTY never hurt!!"

Original sung by SF-A2 miki and KAITO. Collaboration between Azuralunar and CircusP. A response song was later released, mErcy, also sung by SF-A2 miki.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hatsune Miku vs Kagamine Rin - 千本桜×炉心融解 (Senbonzakura x Meltdown)

Rating: 7/10
The computer generated clips were made with MikuMikuDance, a program that allows the user to animate Vocaloids. The clips that looked more hand-drawn were taken from the original "Meltdown" upload to niconico, and was done by Nagimiso. Originally uploaded on niconico (here's the link), this video has been reuploaded to YouTube, but has been taken down due to a Copyright Infringement Claim submitted by a 3rd party. More information on this issue can be found here. The player kinda looks like it's from YouTube, but that's cause I don't know enough HTML and just CTRL+C and CTRL+V the code to get it to work.

EDIT: The video might not display properly if viewed through a third party. If so, just click what passes for "see original" or head over to dropthefire.blogspot.com (click for this post). I'll also start highlighting the links, cause it looks like they only appear as links on mouseover.

Kagamine Rin + Kagamine Len - Servant of Evil (English Dub) by Enn Sings

Rating: 8/10
O my queen, to shield thee from danger's deadly call/ I will sin, I will kill, I will sacrifice my all
Vocaloid! The Kagamine singers (they are NOT officially twins, siblings, or lovers) this time, but mostly Len, which is surprising. I'm pretty sure this is the only song I listen to that Len participated in. Cover done by coochachu, who also does Cantonese dubs of Vocaloid works.

Anyways, the original was written and produced by mothy (Akuno-P) as a companion song to "Daughter of Evil" (YouTube link), in the "Evillious Chronicles" (link to Vocaloid wiki). I'm not going to feature "Daughter of Evil", cause I don't like it as much, but I may feature another song or two from the Chronicles.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Iron Maiden - The Apparation

Rating: 8/10
Here I am, can't you see me, passing through, on my way, to a place I'd been to only in my dreams... before
This is an interesting song, Iron Maiden was the band that got me into metal a while ago and even more specifically this was the first metal album I ever heard, for a while I was really into Iron Maiden, but then I stopped liking them as much. Now just recently I've started listening to them again and I'm in love with Bruce Dickenson's vocals again. Anyways, this song is interesting, it tells the story of a man talking with an apparition or ghost of some sort, implied to be someone recently deceased and about to pass on. The apparition offers philosophical and religious advice. It asks a lot of interesting questions and I really like it and honestly it offers some surprisingly good life advice.

Gumi- マネマネサイコトロピック (A Fake Fake Psychotropic)

Rating: 7/10
The ability to do as you please,/ and an all-year long vacation
Have you ever wished that you could make a copy of yourself to do all the tedious and boring stuff you didn't want to do? Well, look no further! Here's your answer~
It's time for more Vocaloid! This time, I'm featuring Gumi, another of the lesser-known Vocaloids!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

IA- Dialing Paranoia

Rating: 8/10 
When I turn my dial on my chest/ Nothing hurts me or feels wrong
Bit of drums, bit of bass, bit of something else(s) that make noise, and lots of IA- one the less famous Vocaloids. This song is apparently based on the tabletop role playing game Paranoia.

VOCALOID!  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ