Weekly Music

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Memphis May Fire - "Grenade (Bruno Mars cover)"

Easy come, easy go That's just how you live, oh Take, take, take it all, But you never give
Rating: 8/10
You have most likely heard the song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars, but you probably have never heard it quite like this. Every once in a while, Fearless Records puts together albums of "Punk Goes..." and this track was featured on Punk Goes Pop 5. This is one of the best covers I have ever heard. It keeps the core of the song and the emotion while also bringing in elements of the band. The lead vocalist of this metalcore band from Dallas, Texas, Matty Mullins, has such a great voice that can handle the various screams featured in such a genre as well as the clean vocals that make this cover so great. The mastermind and lead guitarist of Memphis May Fire, Kellen McGregor, put together the beautiful electric guitar parts that change this from a pop song to a metalcore one, of course, along with the help of Jake Garland's fast-paced drums. Amazing pop-to-rock cover, enjoy.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - "On My Own"

hopefully this is just a dream 'cause I can't live without the one who makes me feel anything
Rating: 6/10
In 2010, The rock band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus released and EP called Hell or High Water. I actually found this song when I was looking for something else, but I liked it so much I had to get it. The vocals done by Ronnie Winters on this track really pretty great, something I always love about RJA. The drums create such a nice beat for the song and it is pushed even further into awesome with the electric guitar.

Seether - "Eyes of the Devil"

it kills me to watch this fade and I realize it's all charade and every mistake I made is the same
Rating: 7/10
The album, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces was released by the rock band Seether in 2007. The band is originally from South Africa, but has found a following in the United States. Shaun Morgan has fantastic rough vocals on this song; something that drew me in to this artist in the beginning. The verses are softer and when the chorus comes in it hits you with an electric guitar and fast drums. The bridge sports a pretty awesome guitar riff. All in all, the song is pretty wonderful.

Friday, January 24, 2014

All Time Low - "A Love Like War (feat. Vic Fuentes)"

Hearts on fire tonight
Feel my bones ignite
Love feels like war, war
Rating: 6/10
Here's a fairly well-known band with one of their most popular songs. If you don't know them,they are a pop-punk band from Baltimore, Maryland who make extremely catchy songs with more of a rock sound than some mainstream music. This particular song is from the September re-release of their most recent album, Don't Panic: It's Longer Now! and features Vic Fuentes, vocalist of the post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil. I'll admit, I am not a huge fan of All Time Low; I don't find main singer Alex Gaskarth's vocals all that gripping as they are not, in my opinion, so very unique. I do, however, enjoy Pierce the Veil to an extent and so I listened to this song mostly for Vic. Then I listened again. And again, and again. It is a song that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave. From Jack Barakat's first guitar riff, to the fast, gunshot-like drums by Rian Dawson this song hooked me and I now I quite like it, not to mention how nicely Gaskarth and Fuentes' vocals go together. If you're a hardcore original punk and rock fan, there is nothing I can say to make you like this, but whether you are or not, check it out.