Weekly Music

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coldplay - "Clocks" (Rogue Remix) + "Clocks" (Rhythms Del Mundo)

Rating: 7/10
Shoot an apple off my head...
Taking this strong original rock song to the realm of dubstep, Rogue layers bleeping synths and speeds the up the beat for danceability. Crunchy synth sweeps take the true sound and merge it into a grooving drop.
Rating: 6/10
Confusion never stops... Closing walls and ticking clocks...
This latin-inspired track is so smooth, and stays very close to the Coldplay original. Wooden knocks and Cabasa rolls make a funky backing to the horn jabs that punctuate this tune. Warning: may inspire salsa dancing.

Iron Attack - "Heaven's Sword"

Rating: 8/10
This Japanese power metal artist recently came under my radar and this song is one of their best, there aren't very many Touhou power metal remixers out there and I am really glad I found this. It reminds me a lot of earlier Rhapsody music along with the classical intro make this quite the great song.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What So Not - "Touched"

Rating: 6/10
This EDM track featured tribal sounds and rolling drums in a smooth drop that'll have you rocking the dance floor. Its only drawback is the tempo shift, which slows this song as the rise builds back to a peak. Enjoy.