Weekly Music

Saturday, October 31, 2015

katethegreat19 - Come Little Children

Rating: 7/10
Into the calm and the quiet
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Yay- it's All Hallows Eve again! Meaning that October is nearly done for! I like October; it's just that so much blasted stuff happens then.

Reformatting my music library. It'll get done. Soon...

Saturday, October 24, 2015

a LonginG to chAnge tHe font TO one thAt BETTER diFfereNtIates between caPTial and lowerCasE

So the person who I think is the primary founder of this blog put a link to it on his (or her) website. Maybe it'll be a sign of more posts by more people, perhaps some new authors.

Been busy. Loaned out my soul, took some pictures, built some stuff. Lots of staring at moving dots and pushing buttons. /hype /hype /hype /hypehypehype Still busy but have more spare time now.  Two to four songs a month is much more manageable than one song every [other] week, and more consistent than a song whenever I feel like posting one. Schedule will be switched the next time I post a song. I see someone[s] visiting irregularly...

There's a pop song by a Sean Kingston that could have been acceptable for the video space. Rating: 4/10. Go YouTube it if you want.